Hostal del Carme - Birdwatching Wildlife Photography in Catalonia (Lleida)

Landscapes of idyllic plains

We are located 1h15 from Barcelona airport, in one of the most beautiful steppe areas in southern Europe. Province of Lleida, in the center of Catalonia.

Montagu's Harrier


Our guides will take you to unpublished areas to photograph unique birds and, within a short drive from our hotel.

Little Bustard.

You can even take walking routes from our hotel, to photograph birds such as the gray harrier or the Little Bustard.

Infinite Horizons.

You will be able to enjoy landscapes with infinite horizons and unique sunsets over the vast expanses of golden cereal. Foto: Miquel Parramon

Hostal del Carme

Gastronomia local & Moturisme

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